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Life's Fullest Expression, Without Interference

Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and specifically target the misaligned or dysfunctional joint segment in order to restore proper and optimal function to the spine and directly affect the nervous system. The nervous system is the Framework for our experience and expression of life. Removing interference allows for limitless potential and harmonious body balance.

Our Doctors use a variety of Techniques tailored to each individual's needs:
-Thompson Drop
-Sacral/Pelvic Blocking
-Instrument Assisted
-Tonal Integrative


Chiropractic Adjustments are often the best solution to pain; whether it's a new complaint or something that you've dealt with for a while. Without drugs and surgery, Chiropractors are able to provide pain reduction solutions for many complaining of low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and so much more! 

Head Massage


The structure between the structure

We use neurologically-focused soft tissue manipulation techniques to unwind the tension on the system restricting normal movement and function. This means we help your brain reconnect with normal function.

The Doctors use a variety of methods to best benefit your system and your individual needs.

We also offer 30 minute Focused Soft-Tissue Visits for established patients.


Our techniques include:
-Manual myopressure Massage
-Muscle Energy techniques (CRAC)
-Post-Isometric Relaxation
-Reciprocal Inhibition
-Myopercussive Instrument
-Facilitative Stretching
-CrossFiber Friction
-Dynamic/Static Cupping

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Physical Support

Dynamic Cupping is based on ancient Chinese Medicine principles of increasing blood flow and circulation while stimulating and aiding the repair and healing, and also removal of toxins in the area.

This is safe and gentle despite usually leaving some mild, painless, bruise-like circles which quickly go away.
Patients often find this to be relieving for conditions where traditional soft-tissue manipulation don't seem to fully address the problem.

We often use this method for people suffering from deep muscle aches, frozen shoulder, rotator-cuff damage, tennis elbow, and much more!

Juice Bottles


Fuel For Your Metabolism

Deep diving into your food and nutritional intake can often reveal areas of change that can make a huge impact on your gastrointestinal health, weight management, inflammation control, dietary satisfaction, and even quicker healing! Our bodies are capable of amazing things if we keep giving them the right fuel!

A nutritional journal is the first step. After that, you'll discuss the results with your doctor and talk about all the ways you can use natural herbs and remedies based on your needs and goals.
We make honest, evidence-based recommendations for your supplements, vitamin, and nutrients.

Image by Joyce McCown


Gentle and Powerful

Your Doctor will adapt the methods of adjustment and care based on what is right for you---this may include adjustments by an instrument!

The ArthroStim is a state-of-the-art, gentle, specific adjusting instrument. The impulses are generated at the same speed as neurons fire which allows communication directly to your nervous system!

This method is preferred for small children and for adults who are unable to tolerate a manual adjustment.

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Get Back to LIFE without LIMITS

If you are recovering from an injury, we are often able to help you in-office!
Common extermity injuries can often heal more quickly with regimented, routine, assisted therapy.

Suffering from pain can be life-altering. When the system is under strain and stress from acute or chronic pain, there is disregulation among the coordination and control. Neuro-facilitative rehabilitation can help to re-focus and re-connect the areas of your brain responsible for individual actions and often further alleviate symptoms and help regain stability.

Our Whole-Person Approach to Pain Management and Rehabilitation allows us to adapt your indvidual care plan to best meet your needs.

We can even provide a Home Care Plan individualized for you.

Our Rehabilitation Techniques include:
-Sustained Traction
-Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitaiton (PNF)
-Range of Motion
-Nerve Flossing
-Facilitative Stretching
-Balance/Coordination Training
-Postural Support
-Avoidance/Compensation Techniques
-Fall Prevention/Injury Prevention
-Ergonomic Assessment
-Kinesio(motion) Taping

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