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We are considered Out-of-Network Providers by your insurance company.

Health insurance benefits are similar to car insurance. The same way your car insurance covers damage from an accident but doesn't cover brake changes, oil changes, or tire rotations, most health insurance plans won't cover preventive or wellness care. In fact, with most plans, benefits do not even begin until extremely high out-of-pocket deductibles are met; this means our patients often end up spending less for their care than they would using their insurance benefits at other clinics.

We can provide a document for patients to submit to their insurance for possible reimbursement for the services rendered. The Doctors at Framework Chiropractic specialize in helping you reach your health and wellness goals without the limitations of your health insurance. 

Did you know? There is a process to get reimbursed for some or all of your payment for your care if you have had an car accident or injury. Ask us for more information if this applies to you.

Framework Chiropractic is a Proud CareCredit Partner as well! Use your existing account or apply with us in-office for immediate approval/use!




We also accept HSA (health savings account), and FSA (flexible-spending accounts) which are often under-utilized benefits from your employment and healthcare coverage. 


**We are not currently accepting new Medicare patients.

We are proud to offer a Free Consultation with No Obligations where we will answer any questions you may have.

Call us for more details!


Yes! Chiropractic care is safe and highly recommended for the whole family! During your First Appointment, your Doctor will recommend the best plan for continued care. This recommendation will be unique to you and individualized to your health and wellness goals.

NEW PATIENT First Appointment

  • Consultation with the Doctor

  • Review of your History

  • Chiropractic Assessment

  • Focused Physical Exam

  • Digital Posture Analysis

  • Spinal Adjustments

  • Soft-Tissue Therapy

  • Focused Home Care/Rehab

Routine Care Visits

  • Progress Check

  • Spinal Adjustments​​

  • Soft-tissue Therapy

  • Extremity Adjustments as needed

  • Physical Rehab

  • Nutritional Consulting


Your appointment is reserved for you and the entire time will be spent with the Doctor. 
Due to this personalized approach, we have a strict cancellation and reschedule policy to ensure access to care for those in need. A $25.00 deposit is required when setting up your first visit.

A 24 hour notice is required for changes to any scheduled appointments to avoid assessing a $25.00 fee. All no-call, no-shows will be subjected to full visit cost. 


On your first visit, your doctor will do a full chiropractic physical examination including neurological and orthopedic testing. This will ensure that you are in the best place for care.

Based on the results of this examination and your medical history, the Doctor will use clinical judment to determine whether or not imaging is necessary prior to beginning care.

If you do need X-Rays, we work with imaging centers in the area to get you to the right place. After the images are taken, your Chiropractic Doctor will report the findings on your next appointment.


Yes! Chiropractic care is the safest and least invasive method of treating all sorts of common issues, especially headaches and neck or back pain! Without the use of drugs and surgery, the risks of harm are greatly reduced.

Adjusting the spine is not a new practice, in fact, Hipocrates documented his work of spinal manipulation as early as 400 BCE! Now thats a long history of safety and efficacy. 

Did you know there even used to be Chiropractic Hospitals? Yes! In the early 1900's, patients could be admitted to inpatient stays in the hospital for a plethora of different conditions and issues and were treated only by Chiropractic Physicians through their healing journeys with great success!

Now is the perfect time for a consultation with us. The Doctors at Framework will make sure all of your questions are answered and that you have absolute trust to move forward with care.

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