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Did you know?

A good nights sleep is worth more than just feeling well-rested in the morning or avoiding the yawning in the boring company meetings.

Studies show that sleep is the time when our bodies and brains do the most healing, processing, and reset the stress from our days. Interrupting this important process decreases the quality or efficiency and can lead to a lot of unfinished business.

When I encourage better sleep habits, I often hear, “I know Doc, but I’ll make up for it tonight.” But that isn’t actually possible. Turns out, we now know that it cannot be made up. Tons of sleep one night and no sleep the next does not average out to the right amount of sleep.

So what is the best way to ensure a good nights sleep?

  1. Start the routine for bed time way earlier. (2 hours before sleep)

  2. Set an earlier bed time and wake up time for yourself allowing at least 8-9 hours in between.

  3. Put down all screens at least 1 hour before bed. Try a book or a warm bath to help de-stress from your day.

  4. Decrease sugary food and drink; especially with caffeine.

  5. Don’t snooze your alarm! Studies show that falling back to sleep after snoozing an alarm begins your sleep cycle again and your body is expecting it—then you interrupt it again 10 minutes later with the beep, beep, beep!

At Framework Chiropractic we focus on adjustments that help your body self regulate and adapt better to life’s stress. One of the best feelings is the amazing night’s sleep we get after getting adjusted!

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