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You're not yourself when you're HANGRY

Did you know? Being hangry is more than just a temper tantrum. It’s actually brain and body connection and communication!

Your body is a whole system of systems that have to work together. The fuel for that work is food! So there has to be a mechanism for your body to signal you when you need more fuel!

Often, hangry feelings and outburst actually comes from extreme highs and lows in your blood sugar—irregular meals, eating junk foods and processed sugars, and lack of physical activity all contribute to this imbalance.

When your body gets inconsistent fuel levels, it’s is more difficult to regulate or decide which actions get the energy. Inconsistent sugar levels can increase anxiety, cause a rush of adrenaline, and decrease healing ability!

Here are a few simple tips to help maintain a healthy blood sugar:

  1. Eat meals at a consistent time each day, and avoid eating 3-hours before bedtime. Avoid alcohol.

  2. Replace processed foods and sweeteners with fruits and honey! Their natural fibers are amazing at helping our metabolism.

  3. Take a brisk walk after lunch and dinner! A good stroll helps clear the mind and also stimulates the right kind of activity for sugar regulation. This helps your body feel less of a need to store the sugars you eat.

At Framework Chiropractic we help you evaluate your nutrition needs and give you the tools to help balance your body’s fuel and metabolism.

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