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You have a Super Power!

Did you know? Controlled breathing is a super power!

YES! Breath comes from activation and contraction of your diaphragm muscles to expand the lungs and draw in breath. That contraction stretches and stimulates the Vagus Nerve which is the major controller of our Parasympathetic Nervous System. Essentially the “rest and digest” system; the way we are able to process our environment and experience life.

I know—Nerdy stuff over here! But hang in there, because there is something really cool about being able to control your breath.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation can help:

-Reduce Anxiety and Stress

-Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

-Improve Brain Blood Flow (Focus and Clarity)

So how do we do it?!

Start by taking two quick tiny baby breaths.

Hold your breath for 5 seconds.

Then slowly blow it out with your lips pursed.

Repeat whenever you feel stressed, get angry or sad, or just as a meditation practice!

At Framework Chiropractic we use deep-breathing techniques with your adjustments to help reconnect with your central nervous system and optimal life function!

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