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The Art of the Impact

Did you know? Your Doctor of Chiropractic speaks "Nerve"?


Chiropractic Adjustments are often classified as High Velocity, Low Amplitude thrusts. This means they are delivered with the perfect amount of force, speed, and depth. Chiropractic is the ART and SCIENCE of removing subluxation and nerve interference by hand.

Why is this important?

Our nervous system communicates throughout our bodies to coordinate functions via electrical impulses sent along the nerve fibers at super fast speeds!

When you get adjusted, the Doctor is directly affecting your nervous system by helping communicate in their language so to speak. Think of it like going from dial-up internet to 5G in an instant!

Pain-gates, or channels of continuous pain signals, can be altered and even closed with the right impulse.

Muscle spasms can be relaxed with the correct impulse.

Relaxation and Pain relief--Here I come!

A lot of times I hear from my patients, “Doc, I just need a reset-I’ve had a rough week.”

This is because they can feel the immediate re-organization, re-coordination, and ease into their nervous system after getting adjusted.

This ‘reset’ is often the key to being able to continue to adapt to stress. Things that cause subluxation are:





Our nervous systems are bombarded by the stress and chaos of living in today's world.

Subluxation happens to the best of us….all of us.

But we can continue to reset our nervous system, put our bodies at ease, and grow and learn.

Are you lacking focus?

Are you in constant or frequent pain?

Do you feel limited?

Do you have a spine?

If you answered yes to any of those questions——-> You need to see a Chiropractor for routine and regular adjustments!

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