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Talkin' Parasympathomimetics

Now I'm sure you have all heard of Fight or Flight response, right?

It's the survival mode our bodies enter when they sense danger or a threat.

Did you know?

When our bodies and brains detect danger, we immediately begin to shift cellular function into fight mode!

This is called the Sympathetic Nervous System.

Our blood flow gets redirected and prioritized to our vital organs (brain, heart, lungs). Our heart rate and blood pressure increases and we begin to breathe more shallow. Our digestion slows, our pupils dilate, our hearing acuity increases. Our finger tips and our nerve-ends become more sensitive to stimulation.

Even our muscle tension can be a protective mechanism to make sure we are strong and invulnerable to danger!

Thank you to our bodies for all that hard work!

But You can imagine that getting stuck in this mode would be like sensory overload after even a short amount of time.

If it continues chronically, this state of survival leads to stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, irregular digestion, and so much more.

But do you know about the complete opposite mode?

This is the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

We sometimes call it the "Rest, Digest, and Heal" mode.

Our blood flow is evenly re-distributed, our heart rate slows, our breathing is controlled, our blood pressure lowers, and our digestion becomes a top priority once again.

The truth is we need both of these modes for a healthy, balanced life.

But we cannot live in both at the same time. It's like flipping a toggle switch

We are bombarded by high-level stressors. Appointments, meetings, chores, never-ending to-do lists. Whether it be kids, work, home-life, or anything else, we all have those things that can potentially make us feel overwhelmed.

Some stressful things can be avoided, but some are built into living in today's world.

------------->>>>The solution?

Chiropractic adjustments activate the Rest, Digest, Heal mode. This activation leads to decreased anxiety, normalized cellular function and metabolism, and ease of tension.

Don't wait to seek care. You deserve to live a life without limits.

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