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Pew, pew, pew.

Did you know?

Pistol Shrimp are the deadliest guns in the sea?!

YES! And maybe even the deadliest predator we know of!

Pistol Shrimp have special claws on one side that allows them to shoot bubbles at their prey.

These bubbles are faster than speeding bullets and hotter than lava!

I already know you're thinking, "Why, oh why, would Dr. Zachary want me to know about Pistol Shrimp?"

Okay, Let me explain---this is actually incredible.

The popping noise you hear during Chiropractic Adjustments is gas inside your joints. But the reason this is so cool is because of what happens you get adjusted:

:::::::::>The joint separates creating a contained extreme negative pressure chamber and the the gas that is dissolved inside your joint becomes a bubble that is hot as lava! The bubble forming is the noise that we hear!

Sound familiar?

It all happens so quickly that we can't actually perceive the level of heat or the extreme pressure change--But we feel the relief and decreased tension right away!

This process is called Tribonucleation and it is one of the reasons Chiropractic is so amazing for your health and wellness.

We often talk about joints degrading and wearing down too quickly. This actually comes from poor individual joint health and lack of functional mobility. Remember Grandma saying not to "crack your knuckles, it would cause arthritis..."?

Turns out--NOT TRUE!

Chiropractic adjustments create the lava hot force inside the joint that studies have shown actually heal the joint space and slow degeneration!

So come on into Framework Chiropractic and get your Pistol Shrimp treatment!

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