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Low Back Pain and Fire Alarms

Did you know?

It is estimated that 84% of Adults in this country report experiencing episodes of Low Back Pain?

Low Back Pain is the #1 Reason for which people miss work each year.

But the diagnosis does not adequately explain why there is pain. And pain medicine simply masks those signals coming to our brain reporting that something isn't right.

If we turn off the fire alarm in a house burning down, the fire will not go out!

So what causes the pain?

One common correlation we see as Chiropractors is compression!

  • Sitting in slouched positions for prolonged periods during each and every day contributes to the stress and strain we already feel from every day life.

  • The majority of us have had Falls, or Car Accidents that only confound this issue.

When joints don't move well, they inevitably become stuck, causing lack of coordination. With lack of motion in the spinal joints:

->Our cushions (discs) get compressed and lose their ability to spring back to life like the sponges they should be.

-->The joint spaces get closer and closer from the lack of disc plumpness!

--->The nerves in the spaces become compressed leading to altered brain communication!

There is such a simple solution: Chiropractic.

That's it!

Chiropractic Adjustments are most frequently studied for the effects on Low Back Pain. The reason for this is what we already discussed up there ^

--It is so Prevalent in our world; and we worked toward the solutions!

So, in all the research, what was proven?

Without a doubt, for MOST cases of Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Headaches: Chiropractic care was the most effective, quickest, safest method for healing the body and relieving the symptoms--Even long term follow ups show that to be true!

So how does that work?

Great question. With a Chiropractic adjustment:

......the joint motion is restored

.........the motion alignment axis re-calibrated

.............the nerve signal is reset

and the joint pressure and tension is relieved!

With proper motion, the disc can now be compressed and spring back to life just like it should. This is why we often say motion is life.

Chiropractic helps you live life without limits.

Have you had your spine checked for perfect mobility and function?

If not, what are you waiting for?

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