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Just add Water

No seriously, even if you feel hydrated...Just add Water. H2O

Did you know?

We are made of water. We need water.

Sure....but why?

Well. Turns out, our bodies are made up of millions of cells that each serve a particular function. We still don't even understand what they all do. But one thing we know for sure---They all need water to thrive.

Biochemistry reveals that energy is maintained back and forth through the flow of water. Electrical energy exchange, nutrient delivery, blood pressure maintenance, and tissue healing are all dependent on our water intake.

Our tissues, cells, and muscles are all dependent on adequate hydration to function! Water is how we also flush our bodies of toxins and waste products from normal cellular metabolism.

So, How much water would you say you drink per day?

If you said more than 30 oz you would be actually on the higher end of the average.

Did you know you should be having around 100 oz per day?

Imagine what your cells could do with 3x the water!

----------"But Doc, my coffee is all water; and I drink A LOT of coffee."

That doesn't count! Coffee is a diuretic meaning it draws water out of your system.

----------"But Doc, I don't have time to go pee all day!"

If your hydration status is adequate, you should be producing around 60mL of clear/light amber urine per hour. If you are waiting more than a few hours to take bathroom break, Don't!

I know it sounds like a lot. And the last thing you need to do is go chug a gallon of water.

But slowly adding water drinking into your daily life, making it your habit and your plan to drink more and more water, you will for sure be closer to reaching your goal; and you will definitely feel better and better.

Try this, on day one, add a timer to your phone. Set an alarm for every 47 minutes. Why 47?

.........To make you think about it even more!

Every time the alarm goes off, drink 5 sips of water. If you don't end up resenting me for the annoyance of your alarm, you will for sure remember the silliness and at least think about drinking water more which is the first step.

You can try adding a water bottle to your night stand and drinking it right when you wake up.

You can even flavor it with a delicious lemon or lime or cucumber!

You got this my fellow water-based creature. You got this.

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