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Hack your workspace:

Did you know?

Working at a computer can cause repetitive micro-stress trauma? Yes! Not to mention the long hours seated cause all sorts of blood flow and energy issues. Since the pandemic shut down, millions of Americans have transitioned to working from home. This presents all new challenges to the already hard-to-manage ergonomics of working at a desk and sitting all day.

Sitting for hours staring at a computer, our shoulders begin to roll forward, our heads hang way too far forward, our chest closes in, and our spine and joints begin to take more strain and stress than they should.

So how does working from home make this even worse sometimes?

We often don’t have the best set up or the same equipment at home as we would working from the office.

But don’t worry! Here are several ways to start adapting your work balance.

20-20-20: Pick an object or spot in the room 20 feet away from you; every 20 minutes, stare at that spot for 20 seconds. This is an excellent way to counter the strain caused by focusing our eyes on the same screen for too long which can cause headaches, eye straining or blurriness, and even neck pain!

Shoulder rolling: Roll your shoulders down and back, take a big deep breath in, and let it all go. Showing your body the other extreme allows for us to find a better neutral position.

Standing Desks: Frequently switching your posture/position is the best way to make sure your tissues stay healthy and activated.

Wobble discs: Enhancing pelvic mobility with an unsteady surface allows the correct core mover muscles to engage more appropriately and keep your low back protected.

Ergonomics: Keep your screen at eye level, straight in front of you, not to the right or left. Keep your keyboard right in front of the screen and do not elevate it. Your knees should be facing forward. If your chair is the right height: your feet will touch the ground and not dangle and your elbows rest at a 90 degree angle.

At Framework Chiropractic, we make sure we do a full digital posture analysis, an ergonomic evaluation, and help you have the tools to conform your work space (even at home) into Full Spine Protection.

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