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Grandma said, "Don't slouch!"

Grandma always told us not to slouch; to sit up straight. But is there a good reason to focus on posture?

Turns out...YES!

The curves of our spine reduce the amount of dural tension--or tension on the spinal cord itself. Stretching and tension of the spinal cord can cause stress on the nervous system and cause our bodies to constantly feel they are in danger; activating our 'fight or flight' response system.

This is for our own protection---Thanks bodies!

But maintaining the normal curvature and motion of our spines through chiropractic adjustments and home care reduces the stress on the system and activates our 'rest and digest' response system. This allows us to process the input around us leading to more awareness, better clarity, and improved experience; That's life without limits!

At Framework, our Doctors use a digital software calculation to analyze your posture and provide the most crucial correction and feedback for improvement. This tailored approach leads to the most beneficial results, quickly!

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