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Chiropractic in 400 BCE?!

Did you know? The first Chiropractic Adjustment as we know it, was delivered over 127 years ago! Since then, we have seen the amazing benefits to care.

But Hippocrates, The FATHER OF MODERN MEDICINE was manipulating the spine for disease as early as 400 BCE! Now that is a long history of safety and efficacy.

There even used to be chiropractic hospitals in the early 1900s where people found in patient chiropractic care the remedy for all kinds of conditions; even psychosis!

With a history marred by the American Medical Association to form negative public opinion of chiropractic, it is no wonder that some worry about the safety and effectiveness of having their spine adjusted. But we can assure you, we will make sure you are in the best place for care---Just like your primary care physician can make sure you get the right referral, so can we.

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