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Changing My Mind

Did you know? Everything around us including sounds, visuals, language, and expressions can all influence our mood, our mindset, and even our brain chemistry?!

Yes! In fact, studies have proven that our brains will constantly help us adapt to our surroundings. So let's use this to our advantage.

Color theory teaches us that use of softer tones, earth palettes, and blue hues can actually create a sense of calm, peace, and happiness.

Colors like red, orange, and yellow, while stimulating the hunger response, are more effective at inspiring high energy moods like anger, rage, and adrenaline. Surround yourself with colors that inspire your happiness and joy and peace! Even simple things like post-it note colors or your phone screen background image can influence your mood.

Positive affirmations may sound silly at first but our words have incredible power! Our language is a powerful communication tool: even when talking to ourselves! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the affirmation. But also, believe it.

"I am worthy of goodness. I am strong enough to overcome my past. I have courage; not fear."

When you believe it, you will radiate that truth. You are manifesting this into reality.

Wow, you are incredible!

Empowering your Language:

We should not apologize for every little thing as it also diminishes the power of those words when truly felt. Using words like “I’m sorry” frequently—even when you have no control of the situation or blame for the outcome—can continue to down cycle our self esteem and confidence. ::::::::::>For example, instead of, “I’m sorry I was late; there was traffic,” Try, “Thank you for your patience.

Improving your mood and boosting your strength and confidence will undoubtedly change your life!

Chiropractic Adjustments are also an incredibly powerful tool for shifting your mindset by directly affecting your nervous system.

At Framework Chiropractic we give you the personal attention and space to become calm, confident, and whole.

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