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Hello! I am your Licensed and Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in Downtown Vancouver! I have a passion to serve our community and I am dedicated to helping create healthier generations to come.

I began my Healthcare Journey as a Registered Respiratory Therapist in Adult and Pediatric Critical Care. I have specialized expertise managing extracorporeal life support systems for patients in varying degrees of cardiac and pulmonary distress or failure.

As I travelled the country working with critically ill patients and managing their life support systems, I realized there had to be a bigger role to play in providing health-care rather than sick-care.

Throughout my life, having Chiropractic Care resolved my chronic migraines, immune system overload, and digestive issues that had been 'treated' for years with medication. A lot of people fall through the cracks of the traditional medical system--it's my goal to see that those people experience what Chiropractic Care can offer!

In my free time, I love to create, sew, and spend time with my husband Dr. Vernon and our pets. We love exploring the city and finding new ways to support small businesses in Vancouver.


Doctor of Chiropractic, DC
Bachelor of Science- Human Biology, BS
University of Western States


Webster Certified (Learn more here)
International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association


WA State - Licensed Chiropractor 

Member of Washington State Chiropractic Association


Registered Respiratory Therapist, RRT
-Adult Critical Care Specialist, RRT-ACCS
-Neonatal and Pediatric Specialist, RRT-NPS
-Certified Asthma Educator, AE-C


Hey there! I strive to connect to people where they are in order to help them live the best they can. I am passionate about helping the body to heal naturally without drugs or surgery.

I grew up in Pearl City, Hawaii as a first generation Filipino-American where my skills of communication and connection led me to pursue a career in sales and management. My work gave me the opportunity to travel and live in places many will never get to experience such as Guam and Alaska--where I was able to start businesses and build teams and lead them to success. 

I also had my own awesome experience with Chiropractic care reducing my anxiety and stress levels. I can't wait to see you in the office!

In my free time, I love to cook--especially embracing my Filipino heritage, care for my massive rare indoor plant collection, and spend time with my husband-Dr. Zachary, and our pets. I love snowboarding on Mt. Hood and taking walks around Uptown-Downtown Vancouver and the Waterfront, exploring all the beauty the city has to offer.


Doctor of Chiropractic, DC
Bachelor of Science- Human Biology, BS
University of Western States


Associate in Arts, AA
Clark College

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